Hi there! (this must be heard as the first two words of Peter Gabriel’s Big Time)

Welcome to the ramblings of a 60-something man, happily married for 33 years and with a 20 year old daughter. Born in Gibraltar and raised in Scotland, I have now lived more of my life in Australia where I emigrated in 1986. I have been a museum curator, lecturer, picture framer, calligrapher, labourer, cook, barman, Duty Manager and, at every step of the way, a deliverer of exemplary customer service

I am an avid listener to progressive rock music, my favourite authors include John Irving, William Wharton and Yukio Mishima and some of my favourite films include those directed by Akiro Kurosawa, Ridley Scott and Werner Herzog. I love to eat, travel and chat. I am devoted to the happiness and well-being of my two girls…